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Lyndal Bronwyn

My name is Lyndal Bronwyn. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Law of Attraction Coach, I love to support people in finding healing, fulfillment, joy and happiness. I share all the really awesome tools I have been collecting to help you in getting unstuck, end suffering, love yourself and enjoy life!

Client Review


“I highly recommend Lyndal Bronwyn to anyone that would like to seek help through hypnotherapy. She helped me to overcome an addiction of smoking cigarettes for about 29 years through hypnotherapy. I was not familiar with hypnosis until I met Lyndal and was amazed that I was completely aware during the process and how well it worked for me! Lyndal is very kind, knowledgeable, and supportive in her process of therapy. She also helped me to find healing methods that can help me with other areas of my life! I would give her ten stars out of five as a hypnotherapist if I could!” D.B.



Here are just  a few of the areas I have experience with and can support you in:

Healing Anxiety
Anxiety can express itself in many forms including when taking exams, job transitions, relationship struggles, and in social situations. I have tools to share with you for shifting yourself away from feeling anxious that can be applied in a variety of situations.

Healing Trauma
I have witnessed some amazing healing in this area and have had a freeway phobia of my own released.

Becoming Smoke Free Forever
As an ex-smoker—I know how hard it can be to quit.  I have been smoke-free for years and would like to help you experience that freedom for yourself.

Weight Management and Loving Your Body
Growing up in the age of super models and “skinny is beautiful” makes it hard for many women to really love and appreciate their bodies and enjoy food. I would love to support you in shifting into healthy body, weight and eating practices. I have many years of success in this arena of life.

Attracting Your Perfect Mate
I have attracted my perfect mate. And I have learned a lot about how to have a continuing positive relationship. I would love to support you in finding your mate or healing your relationship.

Past Life Clarity and Healing
Whether you believe in past lives or not—some really amazing trauma, phobia and relationship healings have occurred by taking a journey into the past.

Future Life Journeys
By rehearsing a skill and seeing yourself as having already mastered it–creates it as true in the present. This is a great skill for giving better speeches, performing musically, doing well at exams, being a better athlete and MORE!

Talking With Those Who Have Passed Over
I have had personal experiences with relatives visiting me after they have passed over.  Ultimately love and forgiveness are the goals of this type of hypnosis journey.